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Art Fundraiser - Winners

Congratulations and thank you to all participants!

Congratulations to all of our winners and a huge thank you to all of our participants and our judge, artist Yaowu Zhang!

In order to recognize as much of the talent as possible, we had to limit the awards to one per person. Although we would have liked to celebrate all of the artistic talent that participated, we had to limit the number of prizes due to a limited club grant.

Visit this website to see all submissions and the winners' works.


1st - Sophia Zhang

2nd - Julia Xiao


1st - Hannah Li

2nd - Michelle Zhang

3rd - Grace Zhang


1st - Lilian Yang

2nd - Emily Lin

3rd - Hannah Liu

HM - Emily Wang

HM - Jenny Qin


1st - Andy Wei

2nd (Tie) - Irene Concepcion

2nd (Tie) - Lang Chen

3rd - Jeannette Hu

HM - Karen Yang

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